Coaches Corner Delivers LGBTQ Resources and Community for Women’s Sports Professionals

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NEW YORK — Br{ache the Silence Co-founders, Nevin Caple and Colleen McCaffrey teamed up with the NCAA, National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), Women’s Sports Foundation, Equality Coaches Alliance, SHAPE America and fellow sports advocates, including Pat Griffin, Karen Morrison, Sue Rankin, Sherri Murrell, Kirk Walker and Charley Sullivan to create Coaches Corner, an online networking platform and comprehensive resource for LGBTQ inclusion in women and girl sports.

“In response to the steady decline of women coaches, and limited accessibility to LGBTQ resources that address topics such as intra-team dating, finding common ground in religion and working with parents of athletes, strategic partnerships between coaches and sports advocacy thought leaders will help Coaches Corner deliver an inclusive platform, creating safer, supportive environments for women coaches,” says Nevin Caple.

Created for coaches and athletic administrators at all levels of women and girls sports, the interactive tool provides research, educational and legal resources, news and events, and policy recommendations and best practices, while giving members the opportunity to participate in webinars, join discussion forums and panels, blog, mentor, activate inclusion campaigns and create a supportive community.

“Coaches Corner will be such an important resource for coaching professionals to connect and find resources to help them navigate their careers,” says Karen Morrison, Chief Diversity Officer at University of Central Florida and former Director of Inclusion at the NCAA. “This will help coaches fully realize their potential, understand allyship, and hopefully stay in coaching, because we need their leadership for all student-athletes.”

The Coaches Corner website,, was developed by BTS Co-founder, Colleen McCaffrey and conceptualized in collaboration with Coaches Corner partners. The interactive website is the first of its kind to target coaching professionals in women and girls sports of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The site was partially funded by grants from Nike, the LGBT Sports Coalition and Arcus Foundation.

“Coaches Corner is an incredible new resource for all coaches of women’s sports. The opportunity to create community, gather support and find important resources are all here in an easily accessible online format,” says Pat Griffin, Professor Emerita at University of Massachusetts Amherst. “At a time when the numbers of high school and college women coaches is going down, Coaches Corner is a timely resource for new and veteran women coaches.”

To join the community and for more information, visit

What the sports community is saying about Coaches Corner…


“The Women’s Sports Foundation recognizes Coaches Corner is a valuable and needed resource for coaches of women’s teams. This tool will allow for valuable collaboration between coaches and sharing of best practices, enhancing their knowledge base and ultimately improving the experiences of their female student-athletes.”

– Deborah Slaner Larkin, CEO, Women’s Sports Foundation


“Coaches Corner is an amazing resource for our community. I wish that this resource was available when I was coaching so I knew where to turn to for personal assistance and professional guidance as an out queer DI coach.”

– Sue Rankin, Professor Emerita, The Pennsylvania State University


“Coaches Corner will provide an interactive, action oriented way for women coaches to discuss obstacles that often prevent women from having long, successful careers. The diminishing number of women coaches has been a concern for too long. To have this opportunity with Coaches Corner to develop strategies and actual peer support in reversing what has often been a hostile environment for women coaches, will strengthen women’s leadership in sport and that will be advantageous for the athletes that women coach.”

– Helen Carroll, Sports Project Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights


“Coaches Corner provides an expansive safe space and community of research, resources, and people who are working together to advance an inclusive environment in girls’ and women’s sports. I am excited to share my research and learn from others in the community, so that together we can advance acceptance and inclusion in sports. “

– Nef Walker, PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst


“There is no better way for coaches to grow than to learn from the experience and knowledge of their peers and mentors to foster the development of their athletes. Coaches Corner is the activation of that statement for individuals that identify as LGBT and work to serve the female athlete and their unique challenges in the world of sport.   I am so proud of the work of all the founding members to create this vehicle to foster greater inclusion and success of LGBT coaches in women’s sports.”

– Kirk Walker, Assistant Softball Coach, UCLA


“Coaches Corner is an invaluable resource. It’s broad, deep, insightful – and very much needed for anyone involved in athletics. We are all in this together.”

– Dan Woog, varsity boys soccer coach, Staples High School, Westport, Connecticut


“With the steady decline of women’s coaches, Coaches Corner is a unique opportunity for coaches to have a supportive virtual community to share ideas and seek knowledge. Hopefully, this innovative tool will be helpful in fostering more female coaches.”

– Shawn Ladda, Professor, Department of Physical Education and Human Performance, Manhattan College


“Coaches Corner will provide a critical space for coaches to build communities beyond their own campuses and their own sports. I’ve always learned some of my most important lessons about coaching from talking with colleagues who approach the same questions about teaching through the lens of another sport or a different departmental culture. I’m so looking forward to being a part of this community and its growth.”

– Charley Sullivan, Associate Head Coach, Men’s Rowing, The University of Michigan

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